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Ask the Answer Guy – Is DSS necessary if I have RAID?

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Dear Brent, Why do I need DSS if my server has a RAID disk subsystem?” In the event that a drive fails, Raid lowers risk of downtime and is a “baseline requirement” for servers. But RAID alone provides no protection against accidental or intentional deletion or corruption. For example, software…

Dependable SafeSTOR (DSS) RoundTrip Drive FAQ

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Dependable SafeSTOR (DSS) Round Trip Drive FAQ Q. What is a DSS RoundTrip Drive? A. DSS RoundTrip Drives are part of our service that facilitates the replication of large quantities of data from your local DSS device to our off-site cloud. Your first backup images will initially be too large…

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Where Do You Rate?

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Does your company appear at—or at least near—the top of the list on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine? Are the Yellow Pages not as advantageous as they used to be for you? If not, we can help change that. Dependable Computers Guys has a team of SEO experts…

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